how long does an eicr take

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How Long Does an EICR Take?

How Long Does an EICR Take?

Estimating how long an EICR will take is difficult due to the size of a property and the number of circuits that need testing. Therefore, booking an appointment for a professional to inspect your electrical system is recommended.It can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours.

As a landlord, you’re legally required to conduct an electrical installation condition report before a new tenant moves in your property. This is done to guarantee it meets safety regulations.

EICRs are an excellent way to keep your property secure, compliant with regulations and less vulnerable to accidents or damages. Furthermore, they help guarantee that your insurance policy will cover any expenses in case of electrical accident or fire at your premises.

How Long Does An EICR Take?

Number of factors need to assessed before a plausible answer can be given, the factors are listed below;

1) It depends on the size of the property

Estimating how long an EICR will take is difficult due to the size of a property and the number of circuits that need testing. Therefore, booking an appointment for a professional to inspect your electrical system is recommended.

The primary objective of an EICR is to assess the current condition of your electrical installation and provide advice on improvements. It should be conducted by an experienced, qualified electrician or licensed contractor, who must also be registered with a regulatory body such as JIB or NICEIC.

Hiring a professional to conduct an eicr is a wise decision as it will save you money in the long run. Not only does it keep your property and tenants secure, but also takes away some of your stress from having to make repairs yourself.

How Often Should Your Electrics Be Checked? Ideally, an EICR should be performed at least every three years to guarantee the highest safety standards and keep your home or office up-to-date with modern technology.

To determine how often your electrics need checking, check your old EICR certificate, if you dont have an EICR get one done. This will give you an estimate of both how much it costs and how often these inspections should occur.

2) It depends on the number of circuits

Estimating how long an EICR takes can be tricky, depending on the number of circuits and their accessibility. On average, for a modern three bedroom house with six circuits that are easily accessible, expect it to take between 2-4 hours for them to complete their audit.

An EICR typically involves a visual inspection, testing of sockets, switches and lights to identify any problems, as well as an extensive breakdown of each circuit. This is usually carried out by an electrician with expertise in electrical systems.

Additionally, this will include checking for outdated standards and equipment, as well as any signs of wear-and-tear. These tests are essential in avoiding electrocution or fires in your property.

Once an electrical engineer has identified any problems, they will conduct a series of tests to guarantee your electrical system remains secure. In many cases, they will need to turn off the power to your home in order to perform these checks.

After they have examined the situation, an electrical engineer will compile their findings in a report. This document includes an explanation of what’s going wrong and suggestions for correction.

It will also include a schedule of test results, outlining the tests conducted. This list will include details on which circuits have been tested, how often and any issues discovered.

The report will divide the issues into four categories, depending on how urgently they need to be addressed. C1 indicates an immediate danger and requires immediate action; C2 implies there may be potential for harm and requires urgent consideration; finally, C3 offers suggestions for remedial works.

An EICR is a legally mandated safety check that should be performed regularly to safeguard your home. It should be completed by an electrician certified with either NICEIC or JIB, who also offers scheme providers like EICR.

3) It depends on the number of faults

Finding an exact answer to this question is difficult. An electrician will consider factors such as the size of the property, number of circuits, age and quality of electrical installation and any onsite hazards such as gas or oil-based appliances.

When scheduling an eicr, the primary factor that will determine its duration is how many mistakes the technician detects during their visit. This gives them a better idea of how long it’ll take to perform necessary tests.

An engineer can then give a more accurate estimation of how much it will cost to complete the job. On average, an eicr takes around 45minutes to 4 hours to carry out, though this time may vary depending on how many errors are discovered.

A qualified technician not only can identify the most pressing problems, but they’ll also offer advice on how to prevent them in the future. For instance, installing an RCD is often recommended; this device detects faults and shuts off power to it – saving your home or business from potentially hazardous scenarios. Furthermore, improving safety for family and visitors also saves money in the long run.

4) It depends on the time it takes

EICR testing involves disconnecting your electrics from the mains power supply and inspecting their condition. This thorough test may take several hours depending on how many circuits need testing, with a qualified electrician inspecting the installation for safety and compliance. They’ll look out for any signs of deterioration or faults that could pose risks to either the property or those living there.

Regular EICR inspections are essential to guarantee your property remains in a secure and compliant state. Therefore, you need to find an experienced professional who can carry out this inspection for you and produce an informative report.

When scheduling an electric inspection, an electrician must consider several factors like the size and age of the property. Older houses often have more defective wiring that requires further investigation and can extend inspection times accordingly.

Larger properties typically contain more circuits than smaller ones and thus require a deeper inspection. This will take more time, potentially leading to higher EICR costs as well.

Once testing is complete, an electrical engineer will compile a comprehensive report of the results and suggest any remedial work necessary to make your property compliant with legal regulations. This is an effective way to keep your property in optimal condition while guaranteeing that tenants can continue using their appliances safely.

The EICR can also be an effective tool in drawing in potential buyers or tenants. Electrical installation plays a significant role when negotiating the price of a property, so having it assessed before you put your house on the market is highly recommended.

An EICR is a legal requirement and should be conducted at least every 5 years to stay compliant with regulations. Failure to do so could result in both a fine and court case.


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