Do I Need An EICR To Sell My House?

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Do I Need An EICR To Sell My House?

Do I Need An EICR To Sell My House?

Selling your house can be a lengthy and laborious process. It involves filling out various forms and obtaining necessary documents. Despite these challenges, the sale of your property will go smoothly in the end.

One of the most crucial forms is TA6 Property Information Form. This often uncovers issues which sellers aren’t aware of.

Many sellers discover they lack an Electrical Installation Certificate or EIC when they complete the TA6 form. Unfortunately, this can make selling your home more challenging as it could delay the conveyancing process.

The legal requirement (Do I Need An EICR To Sell My House?)

You don’t need an EICR to sell your house in the UK, but it can give buyers peace of mind and expedite the process. Additionally, it will help prove that the property complies with electrical safety regulations.

Under the law, any property being sold or rented must meet BS7671 standards for electrical systems. If yours doesn’t, you could face fines or be required to redo work in order to bring it up to code.

This can be a stressful time for both sellers and buyers, yet it’s often forgotten.

As part of the sale process of your house, your solicitor is likely to ask that you complete a residential or commercial property information questionnaire (among many other forms). This form will contain sections related to the electrical system in the residence.

The cost (Do I Need An EICR To Sell My House?)

The cost of an eicr can vary based on the size and complexity of a property. Commercial establishments tend to be pricier than domestic ones.

When selling your house, it may be worth investing a little extra for an electrical inspection certificate (eicr). This will give the buyer peace of mind that their electrical system is secure and up to date.

Furthermore, it can expedite the sale process as buyers won’t need to conduct their own inspection.

It’s wise to have a eicr certificate when renting out your home, as not complying with current safety regulations may lead to invalidation of your property insurance and an expensive fine of up to £30,000.

The time it takes

When selling a house, the best way to avoid delays is getting an EICR as soon as possible, especially before any potential buyer signs off on the sale paperwork. An EICR also helps determine any remedial work which needs to be done.

The peace of mind

Property sellers may find it beneficial to provide potential buyers with an eicr. Doing so gives them peace of mind that their new home is electrically safe, which in turn saves them money in the long run if any major issues arise down the line.

The Electrical Installation condition report, or EICR for short, is an assessment of your home’s electrical installation that provides you with a list of recommended improvements and ways to save energy costs. These changes often prove more cost-effective than anticipated and could even help reduce carbon footprint. Moreover, EICR serves as a great safety measure by highlighting any faulty equipment which could pose risks to those living or working inside the building – one simple way to guarantee home or business safety while renting out properties legally.

If you are buying a house for the purposes of renting please read the guidelines here if you need an EICR.

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