do i need a new eicr for a new tenant

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Do I need a new EICR for a new tenant?

Do i need a new EICR for a new tenant;

The regulations stipulate that an electrical safety certificate should remain valid the duration of years the property has granted an EICR report by a licensed electrician.

Typically, the certificate is good for five years, however, it’s not essential that an EICR report will always be valid for five years. If the installation of the property under inspection can be found at Fair Condition rather than good condition and is up to standard, the EICR-Electrical Installation Condition Report is able to pass between 1 and 5 years, with C3 recommendations made regarding an EICR for improving the electrical condition of the property.

It is possible to have shorter duration should the inspector think that it is important. That means you only need to obtain the certificate every five years or when the next one is due, and the expiry date is clearly mentioned on the EICR report. Copy of this certificate should be given to new tenants within the time frame.

Many landlords believe EICR reports are valid up to  five years or until the change of the tenancy.’ It is not true as the regulations stipulate that the tests must be carried out at specific intervals instead of being caused by a change in Tenancy. This means that the change in tenancy should not cause an EICR to be invalidated.

What are my responsibilities as an landlord? (Do i need a new EICR for a new tenant?)


Do I need a new EICR for a new tenant?

Landlords need to obtain an EICR with a satisfactory rating from a licensed electrician and present it to prospective tenants prior to when the start of their tenancy or to current tenants within 28 days from the date of conducting the electric inspection. When a local council asks for an EICR report it must be delivered within 7 days of the request.

Who really needs an EICR? (Do i need a new EICR for a new tenant?)

An EICR that is valid is required if you:

  • Rent out a property with the ASSURED Shorthold Tenancy (AST)
  • Rent out a house with Multiple Occupation (HMO)

How Much Does an EICR Cost? (Do i need a new EICR for a new tenant?)

In the case of the EICR certificate price the most important factor can be your house. This is logical since bigger homes are more likely to contain more sockets, appliances and electrical circuits that require testing. The general rule is that London home owners should anticipate the following prices for electrical safety certificates when contacting an electrician in the area for inspections:


         Size of Property                                           Average EICR Certificate Cost


1 -3 Bedroom


£100    –    £160


4 Bedrooms


£160    –    £220


5+ Bedrooms


£220    –    £400


These rates might seem costly to you, which is why we’ve created a package for both homeowners and landlords as well as trying to be the most affordable available. Our EICR Certification cost starts at £67.99 and we’re not beaten on price across London!

You can observe there’s huge variation in EICR certificate costs. There are many factors that impact the EICR certificate price.

What is the procedure for an EICR inspection function? (Do i need a new EICR for a new tenant?)

The EICR evaluates the condition and safety of the electrical installation in your rental home. The inspection will focus on Consumer units, Protective bonds, Lighting Switches, Sockets and permanent connected devices, like electric showers. Lighting fixtures, particularly in bathrooms are also examined during the inspection.

Do other electronic devices checked? (Do i need a new EICR for a new tenant?)

EICR regulations do not cover appliances that don’t have permanent electrical installation.

Therefore, cookers, hobs as well as refrigerators and televisions aren’t included in the EICR.

Although it is not legally required landlords should conduct Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) on appliances or electrical devices they rent to tenants.

All electrical appliances that are installed in the property and utilized by the tenant is the responsibility of the tenant.

What happens if my EICR Report is unsatisfactory? (Do i need a new EICR for a new tenant?)

If a report deems the electrics as not satisfactory the law requires the landlord to conduct additional investigation or remedial work by a certified individual within 28 days or earlier if stated in the report.

The unsatisfactory codes within the EICR report may be:

  • C1Danger present, risk of injury immediate remedial action is required
  • C2 Potentially hazardous Need urgent action to correct the problem.
  • F1 Further investigation is needed

Which are the consequences of not having an electrical safety certification? (Do i need a new EICR for a new tenant?)

A non-valid EICR on an rental property is grave problem and could result in you being fined by up to £30,000 by the local council.

The local authority may be contacted to arrange an appropriate remedy if you do not complete the work or make repairs suggested in your EICR within 28 days or earlier if the report considers that the improvement is more urgent.

Our Pricing

Our Electrical Safety Certificate Prices
Studio Apartment £67.99
1 – 3 Bedroom £81.99
4 Bedroom  £89.99
5 Bedroom £98.99

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