How Much Does a Gas Safety Certificate Cost in London

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How Much Does a Gas Safety Certificate Cost in London?

How Much Does a Gas Safety Certificate Cost in London;

As a landlord or estate agent in London, it’s your duty to guarantee all appliances at your property are gas safe. That is why it’s so essential for you to obtain a gas safety certificate every year.

Property owners in the UK must obtain one of these certificates. You can only get them from engineers that are Gas Safe registered.


How Much Does a Gas Safety Certificate Cost in London;

Gas safety certificates in London are a legal requirement for homeowners and landlords. This certificate confirms that a Gas Safe engineer has examined your appliances, pipework and flues within the past 12 months and determined they to be safe to use.

At least once annually, it’s wise to get your property checked for safety and functionality. Doing this can reduce the risk of fires or carbon monoxide poisoning in your building as well as safeguard tenants.

The cost of a gas certificate varies based on the engineer you select and how many appliances need checking. As a guideline, budget around £80 for an initial standard safety certificate that includes one appliance (like a boiler), plus an additional £10 per additional appliance.


Our Gas Safety Certificate Prices
Gas Safety Certificate 1 Appliance £40
Gas Safety Certificate 1 Appliance £45
Gas Safety Certificate 1 Appliance £50
Gas Safety Certificate & Boiler Service £74.99



A good gas safe engineer should also factor in additional costs for repairs or servicing should they detect any issues during their check. A qualified gas safe technician will perform a full service on all appliances to guarantee they run safely and efficiently.

A reliable engineer should charge between £30 and £150 for a standard gas certificate, depending on the number of appliances needing inspection. This amount serves as an indicative guide when comparing quotes.

No price is set for a gas safety certificate, so the final cost will depend on several factors like how many appliances need checking and how much work needs to be done. If you live in an apartment or have multiple appliances, budgeting for more than one check may save money in the long run.

When looking for a Gas Safe engineer, make sure they are registered with the Gas Safe Register – this is the only legally recognized gas safety register in the UK since 2009. Our search engine or map can help you locate an engineer near you; our local experts will assist with finding the ideal professional to meet your requirements.

Getting a Certificate

How Much Does a Gas Safety Certificate Cost in London

Landlords must obtain gas safety certificates for each property they rent out as part of your legal responsibilities under the 1998 Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations. To comply, an experienced engineer must perform a safety check on all appliances annually, and you must ensure tenants receive their certificate within 28 days after inspection.

Under the law, this is a mandatory requirement that must be fulfilled; failure to abide by it could have serious repercussions. Depending on how serious the breach, you could face legal action such as a fine, imprisonment or both.

Visit the Gas Safe Register website to locate a list of registered engineers near you. This will make it simple for you to locate an experienced local engineer who can perform your inspection and issue the certificate on your behalf.

Your gas engineer will inspect all gas appliances on your property, such as boilers, hobs, cookers and fires. He also makes sure all pipes are working correctly and there are no leaks present.

He will also guarantee that flues are clear so waste gases can be safely disposed of. Furthermore, he takes all relevant measurements to guarantee all appliances work in accordance with manufacturer specifications.

Once the inspection is complete, your gas engineer will issue you with a certificate and give you a copy of the report that includes all results and pertinent details.

A typical gas safety check should take around 30-45 minutes, depending on how many appliances need to be checked and how easily an engineer can access the pipework.

On average, you can expect to pay between £35 and £150 for appliance inspection services depending on how many are required and how long it takes your engineer. Prices may differ between companies so it’s worth getting multiple quotes to find the best deal on a certificate.

Getting a Quote

How Much Does a Gas Safety Certificate Cost in London;

The cost of a gas safety certificate in London varies based on several factors, including the number of appliances that need checking and your location. Generally speaking, those living in larger cities like London will pay more for a certificate than those living in small towns or rural areas.

However, it is still possible to locate a professional who will complete the task at an affordable price. The process can be as easy as requesting quotes online and comparing them in order to get an accurate quote.

Gas certificates are a legal requirement in the UK and an essential step to protect your tenants’ safety. Without proper verification, you could face fines or even imprisonment of up to six months – depending on where in the country you reside.

To obtain a certificate from the Gas Safe Register, you will need to hire a qualified gas engineer registered with that organization. They will inspect all your appliances and flues to confirm they meet relevant standards and can safely be used in your home.

To achieve this, hire a specialist company to send an experienced gas engineer to inspect your appliances. After they’ve verified they meet all current safety regulations, they’ll issue you with a certificate proving they have been kept up-to-date.

On average, this service costs around £30; however, the cost may increase if additional appliances need checking such as boilers, hobs and fireplaces.

As with most things in life, the cost of a gas safety certificate varies based on your property’s size and type. For instance, a house with just one boiler and gas hob will be much less expensive than a commercial business that uses multiple appliances.

To get an instant quote, just enter your address and postcode, along with the type of property you own. You will then be presented with a range of prices from nearby companies.

Getting an Inspection

How Much Does a Gas Safety Certificate Cost in London

As a landlord, it is legally mandated that your property receive gas safety checks in order to prevent injuries or deaths due to leaks. Furthermore, landlords must provide their tenants with a copy of the inspection report so they know they live in an environment free from hazardous gases.

A gas safety check costs between £60-£100, and will be performed by a qualified engineer with a Gas Safe ID card. During this visit, they’ll perform visual checks on all appliances and pipework that is accessible, as well as testing to confirm there are no leaks in the pipes.

Once the work is completed, your engineer will provide you with a copy of your CP12 certificate certifying that all appliances and pipework meet all necessary gas safety standards and are in excellent condition.

The cost of a gas safety inspection varies based on the size and number of appliances in your property, as well as where you live in the UK; various areas have different regulations.

On average, a gas safety inspection takes around 30 minutes to complete. However, this time may increase if the property is particularly large or there are multiple serious issues with appliances and pipework.

Landlords and landlords-to-be should hire a Gas Safe registered engineer to conduct their gas safety checks, as this is the only way to guarantee legal adherence to regulations surrounding gas safety. Doing so can protect them from fines and court charges as well as prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in their home.

As a tenant, it is essential that your landlord or estate agent provide you with a copy of their CP12 certificate. This way, you can ensure they live in a secure place and all gas appliances in their home are functioning properly. If not, make sure you request a copy of the inspector’s report prior to moving into another rental property.

Our Pricing

Our Gas Safety Certificate Prices
Gas Safety Certificate 1 Appliance £40
Gas Safety Certificate 1 Appliance £45
Gas Safety Certificate 1 Appliance £50
Gas Safety Certificate & Boiler Service £74.99


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