EICR F1 Meaning

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What Does an EICR F1 Mean? (EICR F1 Meaning)

EICR F1 Meaning;

An EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) is a document issued after an inspection of an electrical installation. It checks the property against national safety standards for electrical installations and flags any potential issues.

An electrician performing an EICR will identify any problems or ‘observations’ and code them according to their risk level using a code system based on red, amber and green traffic lights.

FI – Further Investigation (EICR F1 Meaning)

EICR F1 Meaning;

An EICr C2 indicates your electrical installation has been identified as being potentially hazardous and requires urgent remediation work. While not as severe as a C1 code since there are no live parts involved, this still has the potential to cause substantial harm to people and property should a fault occur.

A C2 observation indicates that something on your electrical installation may not be as secure as it should be, such as a socket outlet that lacks RCD protection. This is an essential safety measure that should not be disregarded.

It’s not uncommon to encounter some faults that won’t be recorded as C2 observations on an eicr report, yet still pose risks and require compliance with electrical regulations. Examples of this include a non-strengthened fuse or MCB that won’t trip in time for an electrical fault to occur, or an incorrectly sized bonding conductor.

If your eicr report identifies any corrections that need to be made, make sure they are completed promptly so they can be tested again and a certificate issued. Resolving C1, C2 or FI codes during an inspection is always recommended as it ensures your installation meets all electrical safety regulations in place.

EICR F1 Meaning

On an EICr report, you’ll likely come across many codes that are pertinent to you and your business. Codes such as C3 (improvement recommended), FI (further investigation) and the eicr c2 all indicate that your installation hasn’t met the standards established in BS7671: so don’t delay! Contact us now to book an appointment and have it inspected by a certified electrician!

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